1-Day TikTok Dance Creator Class

Programme Introduction

Can I be a TikToker?

With this introduction class, you’ll acquire the basic skills needed to film a TikTok dance video by yourself.

Can I really learn a K-pop dance in 1 session?

We break down the choreographies of popular K-pop songs so that you can easily pick them up.

Can I film a video, edit and upload everything in 2 hours?

Of course, we’ll guide you through the entire process from choreography learning to filming and editing on the TikTok app.

Who should take this class?

Content creators who want to expand their range of content

Aspiring and current content creators who are interested in K-pop dance

People who want to create content on TikTok


1. Introduction to TikTok

2. Types of trending TikTok dances

3. Learning a TikTok dance choreography

4. Filming a TikTok dance

5. Editing with the TikTok app

Class Schedule

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Wednesdays & Fridays





Daily disinfection of the premises

Mandatory temperature-taking

Masks & hand sanitisers provided