I love how I was able to try a bit of everything~ The teacher taught us how to plan for our video, write our script and how to speak confidently.
1-Day Creator Experience Class
A great experience overall! It was really helpful for me as I have been wanting to create my own content. The tips and tricks I learnt through the 4 sessions really helped a lot.
Basic Creators (Adult Class)
The teacher was very nice and taught me how to be comfortable and confident in front of the camera. The acting and filming part was especially fun!
Basic Creators (Kids Class)
I never thought I would be able to learn a dance in one day but I did! The lesson is well-organised and the instructor ensured that no student gets left behind.
1-Day TikTok Dance Creator Class
The dance we learnt was really exciting and I really felt like a TikTok star for a moment! It was great to get a crash course on TikTok's editing functions too.
1-Day TikTok Dance Creator Class
Learning about the YouTube alogrithm and how to devise content that is impactful and interesting to viewers, was the most exciting for me. And of course, the hands-on filming segment too!
Basic Creators (Adult Class)
Highly recommended for those at the early stages of their content creation journey! The 4 sessions cover the basics of content creation such as storyboarding, editing and filming techniques.
Basic Creators (Adult Class)
I'm so glad I went for this class. I not only made new friends but also got to film a video in the green screen room which was very cool!
1-Day Creator Experience Class
We learnt a few different K-pop dances and it was so fun! The teacher made the steps easy for us so that we can all do it together. I definitely want to attend such classes again~
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