• Can I take a lecture after applying for a course without registering website?
    You can take the course by phone or online without a membership or by depositing a bankbook or visiting payment. However, there may be restrictions on the benefits or lectures you can get without the membership, such as homework, education materials.
  • How do I get a refund?
    Following the local refund law in Singapore, Korea is currently refunding based on the Act on the Establishment and Operation of the Academy and Extracurricular Lessons.
    If you ask for inquiries, we are proceeding in the company procedure through separate consultation.
  • I want to take several courses, can I take several classes at the same time?
    If the days and times of each course do not overlap, you can register several courses at the same time.
  • What is the difference between regular and short-term courses and short-term lectures?
    The difference is the operating method such as education period, discount rate, re-training opportunity, issuance of certificates, and the benefits given to the students. A regular course is a process that registers the entire course from beginner to advanced, and a short course is a process that can register only a part of it and take a short-term special course within a short period of time.
  • How many people are there per course?
    Due to the nature of the classroom, the number of people is usually 10 to 15, and there may be differences in the number of people in each course.
  • Where can I check the curriculum and class schedule by course?
    If you visit this institute, you can get more information about the curriculum and class schedule for each course. If you are having difficulty visiting, you can check it by contacting the institute. You can also check the curriculum category on the homepage.
  • What if I want to change or cancel my classes?
    If the application process is before the opening, it can be changed and canceled by the procedure of the application after the change or cancellation application. After the opening, the procedure will be followed by a separate consultation. However, it may be difficult to cancel or change depending on the process, so please ask for a separate consultation and get detailed information.
  • Can I practice at the time except for class time?
    You can practice in an empty classroom without classes. If you want to practice, please contact the Academy at least one to three days in advance and check the empty classroom.
  • What is the class time for each course?
    The Kids course is conducted 2 hours and 2 times a day (Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu) and the adult course is conducted 4 hours a day and 2 times a week (Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu) for 5 hours a day. Short-term lectures vary from course to course, so you can have specific answers through online inquiries or phone inquiries for detailed class hours.
  • How much is the tuition?
    Because the tuition fee is different for each course, you can inquire about the course tuition fee through leaving an inquiry on the homepage or contact us by mobile.