One Day Parent Class

Program Introduction

How can I do this to my beloved child? I don't know if I'm going to be happier with you. Open it?

the attitude and value of dealing with a child More with communication to grow You can be happy.

My child, who doesn't feel like me, What type?

the temperament and oil that each person has I'm gonna figure out who you are and how you relate to your child. You can improve it.

My kid who only wants a smartphone, a room. Isn't there a law?

Digital smarter and wiser Using the device to create your child's creativity Boost your digital life and stay healthy. I can do it.

Subjects for the course

You want to understand the child a little bit more. Parents

The conflict you're experiencing with your smartphone. parents who want to solve

A little healthier and happier with your child. parents who want to build a relationship





Daily disinfection of classrooms and toilets


Conduct the temperature measurement before entering the classroom


Masks and hand sanitizers in place