Vietnam global MNC corporation ‘YooNaCon’ signed up MOU with creator academy ‘Jianmakers’ (SG)

2020-04-28 14:14

[NEWSFLIX] Kim Hong il = Vietnam global MNC corporation ‘YooNaCon’ (CEO : Lee Hae-won)' signed up MOU with creator & influencer talent training institute ‘Jianmakers (CEO: Moon Song-hui, Celina) to support creators, train lecturers and expand franchises.

YooNaCon is dedicated to creating diverse media contents about K-beauty, Web drama, Sports game, Korean culture and others by cooperating with popular creators from Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and Taiwan. Videos reviewing the culture and products of South Korea, Vietnam as well as other Asean countries have acquired a favorable reputation and K-beauty and K-web drama channels like ‘JUNU TV’ and ‘Korean love film’ are particularly popular.

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YooNaCon CEO Lee Hae-won ,who is one of authors of Jianmakers’ teaching material, announced that

she plans to establish a local academy in Vietnam by 2021 based on Jianmakers’ high quality curriculum and facilities.

YooNaCon also will formulate a new business as a medium of bonding among Korean TV stars, celebrities, creators and Vietnam fans by signing up MOU regarding the exclusive distributor with SKIYAKI82, which is an affiliated company of Japanese the most reputable company SKIYAKI in the fan media field.

In addition, YoonaCon exerts themselves to settle the distribution industry built on influencers in combination with Vietnam/ Thailand’s commercial platform Gomi Corporation Inc., Korea cosmetic brand ‘YellowPunch’ and media corporation ‘AvingNews’ specialized in the various fields of industry.

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