Jianmakers (SG) signs MOU with global MCN corporation ‘YooNaCon’

2020-04-27 17:53

[NEWSFLIX] Kim Hong il = Moon Song-Hui, Celina who is a CEO of ‘Jianmakers’, which is the first creator talent training institute in Singapore, signed up MOU with global MCN corporation ‘YooNaCon’ located in Vietnam to support creators, train lecturers and expand franchises.

Jianmakers starts the first edu-entertainment business, which is a blend of the fields of academic and entertainment, in Singapore and will provide educational programs for everyone who wants to be a YouTube creator. As a Jianmakers commits to invest in creative education fields such as YouTube creator training institute, entertainment business, MCN, and media industry, this company can provide a wide range of platforms to learners.

The CEO of YooNaCon found that Jianmakers academy has a high-quality education curriculum and great facility, so she decided to establish Jianmakers academy in Vietnam in 2021.

Tasha (Natasha Low Yi Ling), member of former Korean idol girl group ‘Skarf’, joined in a team to flourish this interesting and new typed business and became the first artist in Jianmakers.

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