Jianmakers’(sg) starts to ‘support project’ for BJ(网红) & creators!

2020-04-24 20:17

[NEWSFLIX] Kim Hong il = Jianmakers announced that they recruit creators and BJ (网红) who long for starting business both in Korean and Chinese market. Jianmakers is pleased to inform that we have reached an agreement with member firms, Chinese corporation INJ, ㈜드림PLK , ㈜마블 P&D and DDM Global, to offer a variety of opportunities for the people who have been keen on entering the Chinese market.

Organizers will provide each partner's branded contents based on specialized infrastructure and top selling products targeting on Chinese consumers will be released throughout Multichannel Markets.

Moreover, this business will play a key role in the entire Chinese mobile industries, which are well systemized and managed.

Jianmakers(SG) hopes to discover qualified creators with potential talents and a cooperative company DDM global, a merchandising company preparing a new-typed conceptualized shopping center based on Dongdaemun Fashion Malls, will fund diverse services such as start-up support, product support, Chinese platform support, platform management and marketing projects for applicants to help them broadcast and promote the products.

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