Tasha, a K-pop idol girl group member, joins JIANMAKERS, Singapore’s first creator training institute!

2020-04-24 20:13

pic: Tasha low (Natasha Low Yi Ling)

We at JIANMAKERS are excited to have Tasha (Natasha Low Yi Ling) joining the family! As a leader of Skarf, K-pop idol girl group, along with her experience in acting and as an influencer, Tasha has significant potential and talent. We have no doubt that she will become a coveted star by accumulating field experience with our company and we can’t wait to showcase our upcoming projects with Tasha!

JIANMAKERS will be dedicated to Tasha by managing and nurturing her finest talent, opening up a variety of opportunities to her and JIANMAKERS.

JIANMAKERS was recently established in Singapore by Song-hui Moon, a CEO of XIOIXJIAN, South Korea’s a leading entertainment company invested by AMUSE GLOBAL. With this newly launched edu-entertainment business (a blend of academic and entertainment), and with Tasha as our first major artiste, JIANMAKERS will be Singapore’s first creator training institute, providing curriculum to all ages, grooming the next global media content creator!

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