Media Lecturer Programme

Programme Introduction

What should I do to become a professional instructor?

You’ll learn subject-specific instructor skills and can sharpen your speech and personal branding skills.

Can I conduct an interesting and gripping lecture for students?

On top of bringing your own skills to the table, a lecturer also needs to understand the different characteristics of students to improve their learning experience.

How do I prepare for a lecture?

You’ll learn how to brand yourself as a professional lecturer, write a resume, come up with a teaching proposal, design a curriculum and create teaching materials.

Who should take this class?

A creator who wants to give lectures from his own experiences and know-how

Lecturers in other fields who want to expand their teaching areas

Producers, directors and writers who want to teach skills in their own field of work


Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class Schedule

Tuesday & Thursday

4 classes x 2 hours


Daily disinfection of the premises

Mandatory temperature-taking

Masks & hand sanitisers provided