Jian Makers Academy Open Memorial Special Short-term Lecture!


Program goal

  • Quickly understand global creator market trends and prospects.
  • As a global creator and creator education instructor, you can identify all the necessary items and systematically prepare them.

Program schedule

  • Weekends (Sat/Sun) 10:00–19:00

Lecture target

  • Those who are currently active as creators or who have experience in activities, who want to be a creator education instructor

lecture period

  • 2020. 03. 07. ~ 2020. 03. 08 (Sat, Sun)

Attending cost

  • General application: $1,400 per person (Singapore dollar)
    * For your corporate and institutional experience, please contact us.

Program content

  • Creator’s Role and Prospect, Trend
  • The Lecture Manner and the Speech of Lecturers
  • Lecturer Image Making and Management Law
  • Basic Teaching Methods for Learners’ Characteristics
  • Basics of Teaching Plan and Teaching Scheme
  • A Study on the Insight Presentation
    * Detailed curriculums by level can be downloaded through the bottom banner.

Detailed curriculums

Student Benefit

  • Establishment / After completing the certificate, the contract and activity of the partner instructor with Jian makers