Creator and Influencer Education Training Agency

Jianmakers plans to spread opportunities for enjoying various cultures globally and to become a new strong player as a talent training institution that meets the right education and global market.
As a field of expanding and exchanging the kids industry, we are investing and selling high quality education and product contents that everyone can enjoy, including overseas fans who love Korean Wave as well as domestic, such as kids creator training institute, media business, MCN, commerce, management and platform business.

Education and training

·· Developing, educating, and fostering creators
· Domestic and Singapore Education, Training Center Operation Management

MCN Management Industry

· kids creator management business
· Strengthen new discovery and upbringing system
· Collaboration of Korea’s leading MCN companies

Platform Business

·Kids Creator Content & Commerce Business
·YouTube/Facebook/Africa’s own platform strategy
·Media Center Production and Support Project

Media Business

· Broadcasting planning, production and investment
· Commodity advertising media transmission
· Planning and production of CF/Music video

Performance Planning and Production

· Model, musician performance planning/investment/distribution and inflow
· Analysis and evaluation of performance DB market
· Introduction of the payment system using the festival