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A springboard for content creators to produce high-quality content and build a strong personal brand in our digitally-connected world.
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Asia’s Best Creator & Influencer Training Institution

An entertainment commerce that cultivates an inclusive media world for everyone

JIANMAKERS Education Programme

JIANMAKERS Education Programme

A practical & systematic education system that nurtures global kids creators.

1-Day Creator Experience Programme

Kickstart your YouTuber journey by learning how to plan and execute your content ideas into YouTube videos that attract viewers.

1-Day TikTok Dance Creator Class

Learn TikTok basics such as learning simple choreography, filming with a smartphone and editing with the application.

Basic/Level Up Creator Programmes

Deepen your knowledge on YouTube algorithms, video editing, scriptwriting and presenting yourself in front of a camera.

One-person Creator Training

Personal Branding & Marketing

Business Strategy

Grooming Individuals Into All-Rounded Performers


JIANMAKERS Business Areas

Creator Education

Creative Consulting

Content Production

Influencer Marketing

A One-stop Platform For Aspiring Creators


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